Volunteer Management Software
Please fill out the information below to create a new volunteer organization.  The organization is activated once you verify the email address.  This initial demo version of your site will contain a sample event and two sample volunteers assigned up for the sample event to allow you to look at the reports. You will be able to send emails to volunteers, but not text messages. Texting can be enabled once you upgrade.  While a demo site you can create any number of events, assignments, questions, customize your registration process, and customize the site with your own images/logos. You can also setup your own email address so that messages come from you and not Spark.

No credit card is required to set up a demo system and experiment with the features.

Organization Name     This is the full name of your organization. i.e. Microsoft Corporation
ORG ID:       This is the unique identifier you will give volunteers to use when they sign on to the website to register for your events.  You can also setup the link from your own website to enter this automatically to make things easier. We suggest a short name easily identified as you such as "IBM".
No blanks and no special characters.
Your full name      
Email     We will send this email a message to verify the account before this new organization is activated.
Verify Email    
Admin ID     This is the logon ID for the first administrator of your system. You may have any number of administrators.
Password     Enter the password for this first administrator account.
Verify Password      
Time Zone     The time zone for you primary location or office.  Each event may have its own time zone defined. This value may be changed later.
Medical Professionals     Will you need assignments requiring medical professionals at your event?  If so when we create your starter system we will add some examples of medical assignments.  You can add and update all of this later if you need medical professionals.
          Later upgrade for as little as $89/year.
    You will receive an email with a link to activate your demo/starter account.  No credit card is required to activate your demo account.
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